The presence of specialized industry experience more than 12 years. I happened to be an internal lawyer for oil and gas companies, including mine production companies in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District and the Komi Republic. STREAM combines the best qualities of an internal lawyer and an external consultant with a focus on a close industry. The service is able to speak the language of oil workers, gas specialists, drillers, geologists, traders and service providers. We know what a fracturing or cattle is, we quickly find a common language with traders in the language of Incoterms.

Farid Babayev, Partner​​


Legal support for the activities of extractive and service companies in the oil and gas sector on:

  • Licensing of activities in the field of oil and gas production (explosive and fire hazardous facilities, management of hazardous waste)
  • Registration of rights to real estate
  • Supply of equipment and other goods to support the production of oil and gas
  • Service works and services, current and major repairs of wells, repair of industrial equipment
  • Geological exploration, geophysical research, seismic research, research work
  • Infrastructure development of sites (development of project documentation, construction of wells, roads, oil and gas lines, power transmission lines, other objects of the extraction, preparation and transportation of oil and gas)
  • Obtaining, renewal of licenses for the right to use subsoil


Processing, retail trade

Legal support of oil refineries and fuel filling stations

Legal support of oil and oil products trading

  • Disputes with counterparties (suppliers, buyers, transporting organizations, seaports, etc.)
  • Foreign economic activity
  • Transshipment
  • Transportation (deliveries by rail, road, sea, pipeline)
  • Tolling
  • Export deliveries
  • Deliveries in the domestic market 

Other services in the oil and gas industry:

  • Support of project deals
  • Tax support
  • Litigation
  • Corporate relations
  • Structuring of assets

Some of our projects​

The marine terminal stated that the customer had not provided the declared amount of transshipment, and had sued for recovery of the lost profit.

We managed to prove that, on the one hand, the contract does not contain take-or-pay conditions and, on the other hand, the client's actions did not lead to unconditional obligations to ensure the required volume of trans-shipment.

The suit of the terminal had been dismissed. 

The main task was to ensure the security of new shareholdersinvestments. A large-scale reorganization of the company's Russian assets was carried out, as a result of which licenses for subsoil use were re-issued, capital and non-capital assets were transferred, and 

Support for obtaining permits was provided.

We represented the interests of a foreign trading company. The customer ordered oil port transshipment services. There was an accident on the pipeline in the port when loading the tanker, because of which the customer's ship was not loaded, which led to losses (demurrage and other expenses). As a result of the strategy based on the expert's conclusion, we proved that the pipeline rupture is not a force majeure.

The customer's losses were reimbursed.