We provide legal services for dealing with oil and oil products, from licensing the right to use subsoil to selling products to end-users​

We provide the legal support of the processes of oil and oil products supply in the domestic market and export, including in the following areas:

  • Risk analysis of existing contractual schemes
  • Contracts of supply in the domestic market
  • Export contracts
  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Forwarding service
  • Survey work
  • Discharge, storage and transshipment of products at transshipment facilities
  • Chartering of vessels
  • Work with customs brokers
  • Participation in cases of administrative proceedings (violation of currency, customs and other legislation

Development, legal expertise and support of foreign economic contracts

Choice of applicable law and conflict regulation of foreign economic transactions

Optimization of tax payments, currency and other risks

Structuring of foreign economic transactions, development of an optimal contractual scheme

Legal support for foreign investments

Legal support for the enforcement of foreign economic contracts

Pre-trial resolution of conflicts between partners in foreign economic activity

International commercial arbitration

Disputes in the oil and gas industry have their own specifics, which we know well. For example, we are well versed in disputes over the payment of idle railway tank cars. We are well aware of the specific nature of disputes with contractors in the construction of wells or the performance of geological exploration work. This is only a small part of our knowledge and experience in the industry we love. We accompany litigation in arbitration courts and international commercial arbitration. Regardless of the subject and specificity of the dispute, the high qualification of STREAM lawyers is a guarantee that your interests will be maximally protected.

We have an extensive experience in settling tax disputes. We professionally advise on tax issues and provide services on pre-trial and judicial settlement of tax disputes, conduct analysis of legislation and judicial practice with the development of recommendations for optimizing the tax structure of companies' activities.

We have an extensive experience in building effective corporate structures, including using foreign companies. Depending on the purpose and objectives, we form the optimal proposals for building a group of companies.

Licensing of the right to use subsoil is a special and key block of work with extractive companies. Our specialists will help in obtaining, extending, re-issuing or terminating licenses for the extraction of hydrocarbon raw materials (oil, etc.) and other minerals (including Common mineral resources). In case of reorganization of assets, renewal of licenses becomes especially labor-consuming and difficult task and we know how to cope with it.

We accompany the processes of obtaining other licenses for the concomitant extraction of hydrocarbons (for the operation of explosive and fire hazardous facilities, for the right to handle hazardous wastes).

  The experience and knowledge of STREAM lawyers allows us to efficiently and quickly cope with licensing tasks

We provide legal support for the development and operation of deposits, including in the following areas:

Geological exploration, geophysical, seismic research, etc.

Construction of industrial facilities (oil wells, oil pipelines, oil treatment points, oil loading points, acceptance points, cluster sites, line facilities (pipelines, power lines) railway deadlocks and other infrastructure

Current and major repairs of wells, repair of industrial equipment

Supplies of materials and equipment for deposits

Performance of other works on development of deposits legal maintenance of observance of the legislation in the field of labor protection, industrial and ecological safety. 

We have experience in supporting projects to develop fields from scratch ("greenfield"). We know that this is a long, time-consuming and costly process. Our experts will develop all the chains of relationships in a way to minimize your risks and costs for the development of the industry.

We provide legal services for work with real estate, registration and support of transactions with real estate (including with objects of unfinished construction). The main assets of market participants are land plots, industrial buildings and facilities, cluster sites, roads, oil pipelines, power transmission lines and other capital construction projects. Accordingly, we formalize the rights to real estate.

We provide legal support for transactions at all stages - from preliminary analysis to closing the deal, without neglecting any detail. At the same time, we will not only prepare the necessary documents, but also help you build effective relationships with counterparties, having obtained the most favorable result for you as a result of the transaction. Our services in support of project transactions include:

 Legal examination of the object of the transaction

Study of the main terms of the transaction

Recommendations on the choice of the applicable law and the procedure for resolving disputes

Determination of risks in respect of a potential transaction and measures for their elimination and / or minimization

Development of optimal contractual structures and detailed plan of measures for the transaction

Preparation of all legal documents on the transaction (including agreement of intent, purchase / sale agreement of shares / shares, shareholders' agreement, security agreements, including escrow agreement, pledge agreement, surety agreement, etc.)

Assistance in negotiating the terms of the transaction between the parties

Participation in negotiations at all stages of transaction support

Assistance in agreeing a transaction with government agencies (for the purposes of compliance with antimonopoly legislation and legislation on foreign investment in strategic companies)

Assistance in closing the deal, including updating the schedule of performance of the parties' obligations until the moment of closing

Verification of execution